The ACSI Series 6100 System is designed to coordinate access to a common bathroom facility from adjoining rooms. This system allows more efficient utilization of floor space in health care facilities or dormitories by eliminating the need for a bathroom in each room. Features

  • Fail safe system - doors will unlock when power is removed
  • Free egress at all times
  • User privacy
  • Eliminates accidental lock-out of either room to the bathroom
  • Mechanical key override allows personnel to enter during an emergency
  • 1400-6100 power supply provided

Options: Series 6100 System will require one of the following electric locking devices:


  • A. (2) Mortise locks with ACSI 1510C-00-1-24VDC/AC modifications plus (2) ACSI   Series 1100 Electric Hinges
  • B. (2) Cylindrical locks with ACSI 1510C-00-1-24VDC/AC modifications plus (2) ACSI  Series 1100 Electric Hinges
  • C. (2) 8500-M-PL-24VAC/AC Gemini Locking Systems




Note: Electric Lock/Electric Hinge option and the Gemini option are not included in the Series 6100 price.